HTC Droid Incredible HD

The HTC Droid Incredible HD will be released, but not soon. Verizon will be selling the new version of the HTC Incredible but the actual date has not been confirmed. This new phone will have the same feel as the Nexus One and an HD video camera. The phone will not be released soon because Verizon just released two major Android phones a little while ago.

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Watch this video of some crazy stunt guy:

Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC INCREDIBLE

At approximately 6:10 the froyo update for android was released. I am installing it now but it will have some new features you should know about like: 720 video and improved flash player. I am super exited and I'm sure you are too.

Next Ipod Touch Facetime Camera?

New ipod touch screens leaked have a hole for maybe a Facetime camera. Why would apple give a Facetime camera to their next ipod touch? Well right now the only people you can call using Facetime, are other iphone 4 users. If they add ipod touches with cameras, this could expand the amount of people using facetime making it easier to find someone to chat with. The new ipod touch will be released in a month or so.

New Eking E5 UMPC

Eking, a handheld maker is coming back with a new UMPC. The E5 has a 5-inch WSVGA (1,024 x 600) Sharp-sourced display that tilts and slides back and a 1.2 Giga-Hertz processor. It has 1GB of memory and a 16 gigabyte SSD. The E5 has WiFi, Blutooth, 3g, GPS, and a 3 megapixel camera. And the price? 800 dollars... Too bad its not shipping outside of China anytime soon.

Will Kinect be a must have for the Xbox 360?

Kinect is a new camera motion tracking device made for the Xbox 360. It will be released on November 4, 2010. It costs 149.99 and comes with a game. What makes it different from the Playstation 2's eye toy? The price. Its about four times more expensive than the eye toy. It seems cooler and will have newer games compared to the PS2. You can use the eye toy as a web-cam but Microsoft hasn't said whether the Kinect camera can be used as a web-cam. Besides all the negatives about Kinect I think its going to be a cool new product and could also be a substitute for the Wii. I went out and reserved mine because I think Kinect has a lot of potential to becoming Microsoft's next big hit and seems like a fun new addition to my Xbox.

Call of Duty Black Ops Teaser Trailer

A Call of Duty Black Ops trailer was just released a few days ago. Some features/rumors are:
• A thermal camera surveillance that is deploy able and you can watch in the top left of the screen
• Care packages are still around but the choppers that deploy them are much larger than Modern Warfare 2
• A remote controllable car that can be detonated by either crashing or by the player pressing a button
• Homing missiles
• A crossbow that when it hits an enemy explodes within a couple of seconds
• Shoot-able knives shot out of a tube like weapon

Here is the link to the teaser trailer...